September 23, 2015

Boots on the Run 5k - raising funds to help military families

Recently I ran a 5k with a group of neighborhood ladies in support of the USO,  All the profits from the race go the organization which aids active military members and their families.  Our group of participants met at Sarah's house and we carpooled to Jacksonville early Saturday morning for the 9:00 am race start.  As usual for North Carolina, it was a warm mid September morning, but we were all excited to support the cause and have fun either running or walking the 5k race course.

Pre race group shot
The 3rd Annual Boots on the Run 5k had over 200 participants having grown tremendously since it's first year in 2013. This race is run as close to September 11th as possible and Sarah carried a flag bearing all the names of those who died on 9/11.

Some of the highlights included a wonderful pre race military salute and of course the National Anthem sung by a lovely young lady with a beautiful voice. Soon it was time to send off the runners racing with strollers and then the runners were given their start.

The course wound through Jacksonville and past many neighborhoods as well as the main streets of this small town.  With lots of turns, this was not a race to PR, but to enjoy the scenery and honor those who serve our country.  There were quite a few soldiers running in uniforms and a firefighter in full garb.  He looked exhausted by the end from the heat and humidity.

5k races are not my favorite distance and my plan was to run a moderate pace as a training run since I had a 16  mile long run scheduled for Monday morning.  My pace was to be around 9 minute miles and that was pretty close to my results.  My Garmin showed a distance of 3.23 miles, which did not surprise me considering how many turns we made during the race. I completed the race with a final push to the finish that included volunteers handing small flags to the runners about 50 yards from the finish line.  I immediately got a Gatorade and made my way back to the course to cheer on the rest of our group.  Tracey crossed the finish line quickly after and then we walked back together to meet the others.

I'm not sure of the race profit, but with growth each year and hopefully some newspaper publicity next year, it will continue to be well supported.  This race had some wonderful swag including a red tech shirt, drawstring bag, water bottle, and of course the flag at the finish line.  Nice post race food was provided including bananas, Power bars, Gatorade and water.  I know I am forgetting some food, but there was more than plenty for this race distance. There also were age group awards two deep for 0-17, 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50 and up, both male and female.  I would definitely recommend this race for the honor of running with so many service men and women. For a $25 registration fee, you get alot of bang for your buck.

Next year we hope to have an even bigger group going from the neighborhood!


  1. Sounds like a great race for such an awesome cause! Looks like you placed as well...congrats!!!

  2. What a great race. Congrats on your AG award too.

  3. Congratulations on placing! It's great that all of you went to support a good cause with this race and remember the 9-11 victims :).

  4. Congratulations taking 2nd in your age group. 5ks are not my favorite distance either. I feel like it takes that long to just get into my groove. What a great cause! Iove when race fees are low. I feel like more people are willing to sign up.

  5. Congrats on your placing!! I'm a sucker for races with great swag! If they offer a tech shirt, I get sucked in.

  6. What a great cause to run a race for! I'm a huge fan of military races. And congrats on yet another AG award!

  7. What an incredible race. And congrats on the award!! :-D

  8. Congrats on the AG and what a great cause.

  9. Congrats! Thanks so much for participating! We are military and appreciate all of the support!