January 29, 2016

Friday Five: Five Memorable Races

It's time to link up with the girls of DC, Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for the Friday Five.  It's another free Friday since there are 5 Friday's in the month.  Wow, I will be happy when we are done with January.  It is such a long month.

In order to keep my focus away from my current ailment which is Bursitis in my right hip, I decided to highlight my favorite favorite races to date.  Keeping my eye on the prize of running the London Marathon in April with a healthy body, my coach has me busy with lots of cross training and strength work. Here is my list:

1.  BAA 5k and Boston Marathon This is a two-fer because it was two races during a race weekend.  Obviously the Boston Marathon would be at the top of my list, but the BAA 5k two days before the big dance was an absolute blast with Christine and Adam.  Of course running the Boston Marathon was a dream that was realized and running with my sister made it that much more special.

January 26, 2016

Reinventing Christine

For 10 years, I had a title. Engineer, Process Improvement Specialist, Consultant, Organizational Strategist, Team Lead, Career Manager, etc. On December 31st those titles were gone. I was simply Christine. Also unemployed. The transition out of my corporate job has been strange; some days it feels right and good and easy and some days it feels clunky and awkward and uncomfortable.

January 25, 2016

Weekly Workout Roundup: Jan 25th

What an interesting week it was! For much of the week, we waited and wondered if we would get snow. As it turned out, we got a dusting overnight on Wednesday and a few inches over the weekend. I'm not gonna lie, I was grateful that we avoided multiple feet of snow like many metro cities on the east coast! Our snow started to fall late morning on Friday and continued late Saturday night. You can see the strange progression in the photos below, Friday mid-morning (far left) , Friday around 2:00 PM (middle) , and Saturday night around 9:00 PM (far right). Lucky for us, the rain that fell late on Friday night melted all of the accumulation from Friday (about 2 inches) but the snow was back and fell for nearly the entire day on Saturday.

January 22, 2016

5 Reasons to run the Great Wall Marathon

We are linking up with the girls from DC, Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for the Friday Five.  Please be sure to check out their blogs too.

There are many difficult marathons to run but one of the most difficult is the Great Wall Marathon outside of Beijing, China.  Having the good fortune of visiting the Great Wall in 2011, and hiking a portion, the level of difficulty for this marathon must be up there amongst the best of them.
5 rasons to run the Great Wall of China Marathon
Be sure to notice the elevation in the background!

January 20, 2016

The evolution of my race medal display

Over the years, my race medal collection has grown...exponentially! I haven't always known how best to display my medals. I guess you can say this has been an iterative process. Over the last few weeks, I spent a fair amount of time pondering this and came up with a new arrangement (albeit only slightly modified from the previous arrangement) that I'm really loving.  TA DA!
My favorite race medals in our home office on display. They're on the wall
adjacent to another meaningful accomplishment on display - my engineering
degree from Bucknell University.

January 15, 2016

WDW Marathon Recap, an almost DNF and a Personal Worst

Awakening Sunday before my 2:40am alarm was no surprise for a race morning.  Fitful sleeping is usually the best that happens for me the night before a big race. Unfortunately my quick check of the weather on my I-Pad gave me race day humidity and  temperature details that would not be optimal for a goal race.  Putting that aside, it was time to focus on the present and get ready to go. After getting dressed, having my usual breakfast of banana, English muffin with peanut butter and Gatorade, it was time to go.
Ready to go!

January 14, 2016

Hawaii Highlights: Kauai

Continuing on with some Hawaii highlights, this time in Kauai! As I mentioned in the previous post that I wrote about Hawaii, Adam and I spent two glorious weeks in Hawaii on our honeymoon. Our itinerary was as follows:
* 7 nights in Hawaii (Big Island) in the town of Puako which is on the Kona side of the island
* 5 nights in Kauai in the Poipu Beach area
* 2 nights in Oahu in Honolulu

Kauai was an incredible place! When I told people which islands were on our itinerary, everyone raved about Kauai. It's a smaller island and of the primary Hawaiian islands, most recently commercialized. It turned out to be our favorite too, mostly from the standpoint that it was easy to navigate, not too big, and offered a great variety of activities.

January 13, 2016

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Highlights

While a marathon recap will be forthcoming, sharing some of the fun from the weekend seemed like a good place to start.  After receiving an email from American Airlines with upgrades for my flights to Charlotte and Orlando, my trip was off to a great beginning. Everything went like clockwork and I arrived in Orlando ahead of schedule! The Magical Express ride to the recently renovated Polynesian Hotel was quick and my room was ready for my bags and me.

The updated Grand Ceremonial House and my room location for the weekend

January 11, 2016

Weekly Workout Roundup: Jan 11th

Here it is folks, our first weekly workout summary for 2016. Get excited! We are!
Some visuals from the week (clockwise from top left) - a little snow on Tuesday
morning in Virginia; Mom's beautiful new marathon medal; a sleepy pup; and
a very interesting (albeit somewhat salacious) book 

January 8, 2016

What to expect in 2016

Since we launched Two Runners Travel, we have spent some time thinking about what this space will look like this year. This blog started out as a way for us to keep track of our running and race memories. In addition, we tracked our workouts on a weekly basis. Remember weekly roundup posts? Yea, we barely do either.

January 6, 2016

A Plan for a Healthier Knee

Last week I paid a visit to a new orthopedic doctor to have my knee evaluated. Since I was 17 years old, I have had my left knee poked and prodded so you could say it's almost routine. However, I haven't needed to seek care in nearly a decade. It took me a little while to swallow my pride and say "it's time" to see someone again. Like I mentioned previously, the pain is different this time and warranted some intervention.

January 4, 2016

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Info

This week, thousands of runners will be descending upon the land of the mouse to run races during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.  Starting on Thursday with the 5k and culminating with the Mickey marathon on Sunday, there will be lots of carbo loading and anxious runners on all the Disney properties hoping for speedy feet and perfect weather.

January 1, 2016

10 New Years Resolutions that didn't make the cut

First of all, happy new year! We hope you had a fun evening of celebrating...maybe too much champagne, too many scallops wrapped in bacon, maybe a late evening. So we hope you're not reading this when the post went live (approximately 6AM eastern). If you're on the west coast, keep reading...you're probably in some smelly cab headed home trying to focus on something other than the smelly cab.