April 25, 2016

Weekly Workout Roundup: Apr 25th

This week was a very busy one! Between starting my new job and getting back on track with my workouts after a quick hiatus, I have been tired. I spent some time this weekend meal prepping, getting my calendar organized and trying to get ahead on some household chores. Hopefully that will make the work week smoother!

While Mom was enjoying London Marathon prep and the race, Adam and I were enjoying spring in Virginia. The weather in VA has been amazing and we really enjoyed it this weekend - bike rides, hanging out in the hammock, backyard TRX, etc.

We had a really fun and social weekend! Adam and I enjoyed a date night on Friday at a local brewery and then had some bbq and played pool. Let's just say that while I am competitive, I suck at pool! You don't want me on your team. Seriously. I also was able to see a friend who I have known since 7th grade while she was home for Passover. I have attended Seders at her family's home many times and I was excited to bring Adam this year. Unfortunately, I ended up with a minor injury from dinner. I helped serve matzah ball soup and while serving one bowl, I tilted the bowl in my hand, sloshing very hot soup over my right hand. It's been quite red and I have a small blister. How do you get injured at a dinner party? Only I could pull that off!
Paddy loves this weather and rolling in the crud in the yard! 
I had a blast "spectating" for the London Marathon on Sunday morning. While I couldn't ever get a live feed of the race, I enjoyed the live tracker on the website and my Dad's commentary from being in London during the race. I know Mom will have lots to say about her fun race morning when she's back stateside! 

And now for our workouts...it was a great week for me as I started feeling comfortable during my runs. Progress is slow but it's happening! 

Currently training for: Chick-fil-a 10k
Training plan: Based on Higdon 10k novice
Fitness goals/focus areas: Build running endurance, continue focusing on hip and glute strength

Mon, Apr 18th: 30 min elliptical, 20 minute upper body and core strength training

Tues, Apr 19th: 2 mile run, stretching

Wed, Apr 20th: Rest day

Thurs, Apr 21st: 3 mile progression run (9:26, 9:09, 8:39), stretching and yoga

Fri, Apr 22nd: Rest day

Sat, Apr 23rd: 45 min bike ride, upper body and chest TRX, abs

Sun, Apr 24th: 4 miles avg 9:17 pace, stretching and foam rolling

Currently training for: London Marathon
Training plan: custom plan from coach Sami
Fitness goals/focus areas: taper for marathon!

Mon, Apr 18th: Rest day

Tues, Apr 19th: 3 mile easy run

Wed, Apr 20th: Lots of walking around London Marathon expo
Thurs, Apr 21st: Sightseeing in London

Fri, Apr 22nd: 2 mile shakeout run in St James Park

Sat, Apr 23rd: Rest day

Sun, Apr 24th: London marathon

Thanks to Holly at Hoho Runs and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin for hosting the Weekly Wrap. We have found some awesome blogs through this linkup so check it out! 

What's on your agenda for the week?


  1. I love TRX and haven't done it in forever! Sorry about your Seder injury. Burns like that suck. Glad to hear the weather was so nice. It was here as well. Yay! Cannot wait to hear all about the London marathon. One of these years I need to get across the pond for that one.

    1. I would love to run London marathon too! The course looked incredible. Hope you have a great week, Marcia!

  2. Burns are the worst -- but boy, that soup must've been piping hot!

    Congrats, Pam, again!

    1. I'm pretty sure the soup was basically boiling when it came out of the pot. Not my finest moment for sure! I doubt I'll be asked to Serbs again. :/
      Have a great week, Judy

  3. So many congrats to your mom! I love your dad's commentary, lol. Slather cream alllll over that hand, lady! And yes yes to TRX!

  4. Just re-found your blog - I used to read when you were more Disney focused - and am so happy to rediscover it!

  5. Sounds like a great week. TRX outdoors sounds like a great idea :) I hope Pam had a great time in London!

  6. TRX push-ups burn so good. I love them as well, but unfortunately do not have the set-up, nor does my gym. So I'm stuck with regular push-ups.

    I had a friend run the London Marathon too. I bet that was such an amazing experience! Can't wait to read all about it!

  7. Lol about getting injured at a dinner party. Ha! I bet spectating the London Marathon was awesome! Look forward to the race recap!

  8. Oh no, I'm so sorry about your hand! Hope it heals up soon! Glad y'all had a good weekend - can't wait to hear about pams experience with the marathon!

  9. Yikes! I hope your hand feels better! I'm looking forward to reading more about your new career! And I can't wait to read your mom's London recap!

  10. That's so neat that you did TRX outside! I always think about running, biking, swimming outside, and maybe yoga, but it's neat to take TRX outside. I hope your hand heals up soon as well and can't wait to hear more about the new job :).

  11. I love that you were able to use your TRX outside! Hope your hand feels better.
    I'm sure the London marathon was amazing!

  12. Saw your mom's pic on FB! She looks so happy! Can't wait to hear about her race!
    Hope your burn heals soon. Have you used silvadine?

  13. I love that you set up a backyard TRX. That's very convenient. I like your dad's play-by-play posts during the London Marathon. That is awesome that your mom ran that one!! I will be looking for the recap. We are somewhat alike in that I also suck at pool and I not only burn myself often but I've been know to almost slice a finger off a few times while preparing dinner for guests. #kitchenhazard

  14. This reminds me I have a TRX type thing that I never remember to get out and use. That would be so fun to get to go to London for a marathon! and fun you got play by play from your dad during it too!

  15. Great week of workouts - so much diversity! (And yay for Pam at the marathon!) My husband used to work at a place that had TRX and he raved about it. I showed him your tree setup on Instagram and he thought it was a great idea. I've GOT to add some sort of cross/strength training to my routine. Baby steps... Have a good week!

  16. Pool is not one of my strong activities, but I do like to try and play. They get all technical with the stripes and solids, I'm like just let me shoot any ball in the hole, geeze! So glad to see you had a great date night. My trainer has me do exercises on the TRX often. I do what would be considered a reverse push up maybe on it. She likes me to do those. It was good to hear from Pam in London too! Thanks you two for your continued support.

  17. We do TRX at boot camp, I have grown to love it!

  18. I'm glad you are enjoying you need job, Christine! It looks like your training is going well too. That's a great progression run. Ugh - kitchen burns are the worst! I hope it's healing nicely. I can't wait to hear Pam's report. Thanks for linking with us.

    1. That's "your new job". Oh, no! I hope my laptop is not auto correcting like my phone! HA.

  19. You are lucky to be having spring like weather. It has been cold here. Boo. Can't wait for the London marathon race recap !

  20. That sounds like a fun weekend - except the burn. Why do they always continue to sting long after they actually happen!? "Spectating" London must have been fun. That Twitter commentary is funny. Congrats, Pam!