May 5, 2016

Race Day Maps

Disclosure:  This post was not sponsored and no compensation was received.  We simply want to share a company who offers  products that we love and purchase with our own money!

Last December, my favorite birthday gift was a race day map gifted to me by a very thoughtful running friend.  Any big race is worthy of wall space, and these Marathon Maps by JHill Design part of their runink collection will delight you too.  Made on heavy card stock, the maps include the race name, your name, finish time, bib number, date and  the map with the race course highlighted.

 These maps are available for many races and they will even custom design one for a race not currently offered.  The maps come in three sizes, 5 X 7, 8 X 10 and 12 X 18 so you can decide which will best fit your needs.  I love the small size so that I can frame three together as a collage.  With vivid colors for the maps and dark lettering for the details, they are a great addition for your running shrine!  All you do is visit their website, supply your race day details and within just a couple of days, you find these lovely cards in your mailbox.  After completing the NYC Marathon last fall, and then the London Marathon on April 24th, I decided to place an order for two additional running maps for my collection.  Arriving just days after placing my order, I was please again with the great customer service and prompt delivery.  Here are my latest additions

J Hill Design has offered a discount code to our readers and hopefully you can take advantage of it before it expires on May 13th. It is available for all items on the site  Code:TRT15  Happy Shopping! (No compensation will be received if you use our code. We are excited to share a discount with our readers)


  1. These are so cool. I'm going to get one of each of my marathon majors. I hope they're still making these when I finish them off!