May 16, 2016

Weekly Workout Roundup May 16th

After a whirlwind trip to Boston and Washington DC last week, I was happy to be home and ready to start running again.  I did not log many miles this week, but it felt good to get back to running after a two week break following the London Marathon.  Track practice is always a challenge after training and running a marathon, but it was great to accomplish the intervals recommended by the coach and know that hard work will pay off at future races.  A first happened this week too when my fingers slipped and I signed up for a triathlon clinic.  Although a triathlon race may not be in my future, cross training with biking and swimming will be incorporated in my training every week this summer, so why not improve in both of these disciplines.  One of the speakers is Michelle Jones, an Ironman World Champion and Olympic Medalist.  Surely there will be great information shared with all the participants including a track workout.  I can't wait!

Took this out for a spin after signing up for the clinic
Our weekend was glorious with bright sunshine so pool and beach time were included along with the usual household stuff.  We spent Sunday morning walking at beautiful Wrightsville Beach after my long run which was actually short.  A few years ago 6 miles would have seemed like a crazy distance to run.  It's amazing what happens when marathons are your race of choice!

First selfie by Tom at our beautiful beach.
Currently Training for: Chick fil A 10k
Training plan: Based on Higdom 10k novice
Fitness goals/focus areas: Strength, especially knee area

Mon, May 9th: 45 min total body strength training workout; 2.5 mile walk with client; PT exercises

Tues, May 10th:  3.5 mile progression run

Wed, May 11th: 
PT exercises; 30 min bike; upper body strength training 

Thurs, May 12th: 
Unplanned rest day with PT exercises; 90 minutes removing our deck (aka manual labor) 

Fri, May 13th: Rest day; PT exercises 

Sat, May 14th: 
25 min spin bike; lower body strength training; 3 hours yard work/deck demolition 

Sun, May 15th:  6 mile run at 9:06 avg pace; stretching

Currently training for: Nothing until August
Training plan: Coach Sami
Fitness goals/focus areas: Strengthen core and keep up endurance

Mon, May 9th:
 Elliptical 30 minutes, weights and stretching

Tues, May 10th: 4 easy miles running 9:25 pace

Wed, May 11th: Bike 30 minutes, 7.5 miles rode hard today

Thurs, May 12th:
Without Limits track work 4.5 miles total 4 X 800 at 4:05

Fri, May 13th:
Rest day

Sat, May 14th: Bike ride 1 hour 11.5 miles

Sun, May 15th: Rest day

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  1. The tri clinic sounds exciting! As much as I've struggled with swimming, I have to say that the change up of adding the additional sports has been very agreeable to my body. How cool MJ spoke! I'm reading a book right now that mentions her a ton.

  2. Tom did good for his first selfie!!

    I think you'll do great at that clinic since you've already been biking and swimming! -M

  3. Sounds like a great week for both of you! The beach photo does look beautiful.

  4. I think the tri clinic is a great idea, even if you never do a tri. Why not master some other activities for cross training? I'm considering going back to the pool weekly for some pool running. It was really a game changer for me!

  5. Aww I love Tom's first selfie!!! And yay for getting back into it!!! The clinic sounds great!

  6. A tri! I am in awe. Good luck. I think the clinic is a great idea. A tri? It'll never be me.

  7. I've never done a running or triathlon clinic but we do clinics often in the horse world with other trainers and it's a great experience. I hope you have fun!

  8. I always think it's nice to get back to running after a break. Cool that you signed up for a tri clinic!

  9. Yay for beautiful beach and pool weather? Do you mind sending some of that nice weather up our way?!?

  10. Even though I'm only half crazy, I no longer consider 5 or 6 miles long, either (unless I'm coming back from illness or injury which knock on wood hasn't happened in a while).

    It's crazy cold today, but at least it's supposed to warm up as the week goes on.

  11. The triathlon clinic sounds like it would be a great experience! I didnt even know they had anything like that. Looks like you both had a great week!

  12. I think the tri clinic sounds like fun, I like to hear good speakers who are athletes regardless of the discipline, and swimming and biking are great cross training (I've noticed you bike a lot!). Our Without Limits here has just started a tri program as well. The guy who coaches the running, Chris, is so encouraging and a great role model, runner, and coach.

    Glad you are recovering well from London!

  13. That sounds exciting. I bet she will be a fabulous speaker to listen too!

    It really is funny what marathons do to ya. Especially when 6 mile runs are shorter easy days. I remember when I used to tell people, oh it was just a short 10 this morning before work lol

    Awesome week ladies!!!!

  14. I am worthless at selfies. And at training for things, which we know! Marathons definitely do warp your mind, but in a good way... maybe!

  15. The tri clinic sounds like a great idea! Can't wait to hear what you think of it! Great job this week, y'all! :)

  16. I have no desire to do a tri, but I do like learning about other sports.

  17. A tri clinic sounds fun though I am not a big biker, and would not do a bike race. I am too scared of the speed !

  18. Pam, I think a triathlon clinic would be very interesting. I need to get back on my bike ASAP. I'm secretly eyeing a duathlon in about a month and need to see if it's even a possibility. Boy, that would be so out of my comfort zone! Your bike is such a pretty color! Christine, you go on that deck demolition. Talk about a workout! Whew. Thanks for linking with us ladies.

  19. What??? First Selfie? He looks like a pro! Thanks ladies for linking up with us!

  20. Looks like a nice week for you both! That tri clinic sounds like a great idea. I love your beach picture! Definitely doesn't look like Tom's first selfie!