June 16, 2016

Luvo Frozen Meals Product Review

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Luvo Frozen Meals Product Review

When I think of frozen meals, two things generally pop into my mind. The first is those gross meals with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and some rock-hard brownie, and a whopping calorie, fat, and sodium content. The second thought is generally around the stereotypical diet-esque frozen meals that lack flavor and texture. When I got the chance to try Luvo meals, I was sold. I had heard good things and had seen them in stores, but hadn't taken the plunge.

So what's the hype with Luvo Meals? 
- The sodium content is limited. Most meals have under 500mg or 20% of the daily value of sodium.
- Each entree contains one full serving of fruits and vegetables.
- The meals include quality whole grains like quinoa and brown rice.
- The meats and poultry are raised without hormones or antibiotics.
 - The flavors are unique. Think Tandoori-spiced chicken, vegetable lasagna with butternut squash, and curry.
- They are prepared in a steamable pouch in the microwave or conventional oven.

The food pouch
Orange Mango Chicken: I wish there had been a few more mango  chunks but the veggie portion
was great! The grain mixture was a bit bland in this meal. 
The Pros:
- It's hard to beat the simplicity of a meal that is prepared in 6-8 minutes.
- I was really impressed by the vegetable selection in these meals. I was pretty accustomed to really minimal veggie servings in frozen meals so I was really pleased to see a full serving of fruits and veggies in each meal.
- The grains are really interesting! You know how most frozen meals have limp, lifeless pasta or bland rice? Not Luvo! These meals have grits, polenta, whole grain lasagna noodles, and the like. And in some miraculous fashion, they aren't limp and lifeless after cooking them.
- For me, the nutrient content and overall nutrition is really important. If I'm going to spend the money on a convenience food item, like a frozen meal, I want it to be decent!

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna: This entree had an awesome vegetable selection with kale, butternut squash, and tomatoes. It wasn't your traditional cheesy lasagna, which might be a drawback to some but I really didn't mind. The pesto sauce was a nice addition. Very filling! 
The Cons: 
- Unlike your standard frozen meals, you can't really avoid dishes with this one! Since the meal is cooked in a steamable pouch, you need a plate or bowl for eating it after the "cooking" is done.
- The meals cook in a pouch so it's a challenge to elegantly plate them. This wasn't a huge concern but it would be hard to pass this off as a special meal if you were trying to fool someone! :)
- I found that some of the meal stayed a little cool in the pouch even after I heated it for the recommended time for my microwave. I usually added a minute or so but for meals like the lasagna, I still struggled to get the temperature somewhat uniform. Generally speaking, I solved this problem by putting the food on the plate and giving it a little extra time in the microwave. Pretty simple, but I felt this was worth noting.
- If you work in a setting where a microwave is in high demand (I'm thinking of my old office), these may be a challenge because of the microwave time, which is 4-6+ minutes.
Chicken Chile Verde: This was probably our favorite meal. The flavors were fantastic and the polenta was a great addition.
The black beans also kicked up the protein content. 
The Bottom Line: 
I will probably buy Luvo meals to have in the freezer for a quick weeknight dinner or easy lunch at the gym. They won't be a staple in my diet but everyone can benefit from a simple, no hassle, healthy meal on hand. I am really grateful to have been given the chance to try these. They definitely lived up to the hype!

Tandoori-spiced chicken with mango, brown jasmine rice, broccoli, and cauliflower: This dish was
quite spicy, but was still tolerable for me! I didn't love the veggie selection since the broccoli and
cauliflower were a little soft, but otherwise didn't have any complaints.
If you are interested in trying Luvo meals yourself, you can use their online search tool to figure out where they are sold in stores near you. I was excited to learn that they are sold in a variety of local stores including Walmart, Kroger, and Fresh Market.

Have you tried Luvo? What are your criteria for convenience foods, aka frozen, prepackaged, etc?


  1. I don't have a foodie or healthy living blogger card to lose (haha), so I'll go ahead and say that the meals look great. As someone who once worked in a corporate office, I was always looking for frozen dinners that tasted good and were healthier than say, a Hungry Man dinner, because I ate lunch at my desk (often between meetings). I still eat at my desk sometimes but hooray for being at home, right? I think the meals look tasty and love that it includes so many veggies.

    1. HAHA your first comment cracked me up about a foodie or HLB card to lose. :) When I worked my corporate job, I usually had a few frozen meals that I called "in case of emergency" meals. These are WAY better!

  2. I really like these. They're a really good option for something quick and convenient. Good ingredients, nice mixes, and love the stream pouch instead of the plastic trays.

    I agree with the grains in the mango chicken on their own, but mixed with the sauce is tasty.

    1. Hmm good to know on the mango chicken. My husband and I traded meals so I didn't think to do that before I handed it over to him to try.

  3. I have not seen these in my local grocery yet, but they look like a good alternative to normal frozen meals.

    1. They definitely are. Seems like lots of companies are doing better frozen meals these days.

  4. I have looked at them, but I've never actually tried them.

    I don't do a whole lot of frozen food, but every once in a while I do. I like the evol line.

    1. The evol line is great too. These reminded me a lot of them - very conscious of the food and packaging.

  5. Something like these, like you said, are great to keep around for emergencies, something I wouldn't feel bad about eating, especially if I had several days in a row where this happened. Usually days where I forget to pack lunch tend to spiral & all of a sudden it's like 3 in a row.

    1. That used to be me, Jessie! One day when everything falls apart suddenly becomes a whole week of that!

  6. I used to have Healthy Choice steamable meals at work for really busy days, but they stopped making my favorite (pumpkin squash ravioli). Microwave meals can be a little depressing, but these look promising! I can't find price information, but I expect they're similar to other upscale frozen meals.