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  1. Hey Ladies,
    I've recently decided to pick up running. I found the runDisney races and got super excited. My new goal is to run all the runDisney races. Here's the thing though, for registration they want a time from a previously run certified 10k or half marathon. I'm not there quite yet and was wondering what a certified race is and if I can run the 5k without running the 10k or half marathon. Do you know if this is possible?
    Thanks for your help~!

    1. Hi there, runDisney requires that you submit a certified race time. Most races are certified (usually says in the runner info). You can definitely run a Disney 5k without a proof of time - they only require your estimated pace when you register. I'd highly suggest that you run a 10k for time before you run a half so you'll have a corral placement. Hope that helps!

  2. Just discovered your blog. I am 60 and a runner but not as fast as Pam. You have inspired me.

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