Media Features
* A Guide to Running at Disney in Orlando Ticket Deals (Nov 2015)

* Keenans' first brush with Disney has created new tradition in Wilmington Star News (March 2014)

* Dirty Girl Mud Run in Hampton Roads Magazine (Apr 2013)

* Try Sports Believe Achieve Feature Story (Jan 2013)

Original Published Content
* So you want to run a half marathon? on Upcoming Health (Jan 2016)

* Get Ready to Jump-Start Your Pool Workout For Spring! on POPSUGAR Fitness (April 2014)

Blog Features
* Top 25 Running Bloggers to Follow on Upcoming Health (Dec 2015)

* Tips for Running a Marathon on Running Toward the Prize (May 2014)

* ZOOMA Napa Valley Runner Report on Long Run Happiness (April 2014)

* Shamrock Spotlight Series on Beachy Runner and Breath of Sunshine (Feb 2014)

* 100 Best, Most Interesting Running Blogs for 2014 on The 100 Day Marathon Plan (Jan 2014)

* Run 13.1 Now, Wine Later on Team #runDisney blog (Mar 2013)

* Sean Astin at Disney Princess Half Marathon 1/3 on Sean Astin: Hope Unquenchable (Mar 2013)

* Gear Necessities for Marathon Training on Fit Girl, Happy Girl (Jan 2013)

* Why We Run Disney feature on Team #runDisney blog (Jan 2013)

* Running Buddies on Run Find Your Happy Pace (Dec 2012)

* Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Christine (Dec 2012)

* Motivational Monday on Sneakers and Fingerpaints (Oct 2012)

* 40+ Fit and Fabulous on Run Find Your Happy Pace (Oct 2012)

* Favorite Race Bling on Running with Sass (Jul 2012)

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